Medium Brown Ostrich Strap
Medium Brown Ostrich Strap
Medium Brown Ostrich Strap

Medium Brown Ostrich Strap

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Just like how denim jeans can come in a thousand shades of blue, we got you covered with 3 shads of brown for this ostrich series; Tan Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown. We all know you can't go wrong with brown!

This is the perfect balance between our Tan Brown and Dark Brown offerings. The classic mocha brown shade on that tiramisu on a Saturday afternoon, are we hungry for this strap already?

• Padding: Slim, thickness tapers from 3.0mm (lug) to 2.0mm (buckle)
• Thread: Cream
• Length: Standard, 115mm x 70mm
• Lining: Zermatt leather, perspiration resistant and anti allergic
• Quick release spring bars built-in

All Telhus straps come with inner lining made from smooth Zermatt leather from Tanneries Haas (France), the type you commonly find in Hermès products.

Note: There are no two identical straps due to the nature of leather and the extent of handcraft involved in producing the straps. For crocodile & ostrich straps, pattern will differ for every piece, there are no two identical pieces. We try to represent each product as accurately as possible in photos but do note background lighting on mobile and computer devices have an impact on the visuals of each picture.