Candy Red Crocodile Strap
Candy Red Crocodile Strap
Candy Red Crocodile Strap

Candy Red Crocodile Strap

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Red is not only a colour of power but also one that has long been associated with high-end luxury (think Cartier). This pure shade of red is that touch of lux every monochrome outfit needs. Someone please pair this on your gold/ bronze watches too (think Omega Moonshine Gold Speedmaster).

One of the trio in our summer croc series that can be found under the curated selections collection! The 2021 Rolex Oyster Perpetual releases have made clear that bright colours are no longer reserved for just the ladies! 

• Padding: Slim, thickness tapers from 3.0mm (lug) to 2.0mm (buckle)
• Thread: Red
• Length: Standard, 115mm x 70mm
• Lining: Zermatt leather, perspiration resistant and anti allergic
• Quick release spring bars built-in

All Telhus straps come with inner lining made from smooth Zermatt leather from Tanneries Haas (France), the type you commonly find in Hermès products.

Note: There are no two identical straps due to the nature of leather and the extent of handcraft involved in producing the straps. For crocodile & ostrich straps, pattern will differ for every piece, there are no two identical pieces. We try to represent each product as accurately as possible in photos but do note background lighting on mobile and computer devices have an impact on the visuals of each picture.